What’s it about?
The aliens that looked a bit naff in Independence Day (which was FIFTEEN YEARS AGO) have been in the gym and have now got roles causing trouble for some cowboy folk. A big battle ensues between these animatronic critters and Hollywood A-listers Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde. You’ll never guess who wins…

What’s good about it?

Actually, we quite liked the top Daniel Craig was wearing at the beginning. But he swaps it for something else after a few minutes.

Oh, and one of the extras has a horse with the pattern of a Dalmatian. That was quite cool. But the horse was only on for a few seconds. That was a shame.

What’s bad about it?
Everything, really. Well, apart from that spotty horse-dog-thing.

1 (wait… do we do 'nought out of five's? Or does it start at one?) /5