Did your weekend disappear into a black void filled with wild hot tub parties and beer fountains?

Yeah, ours did too...

To make sure you don't miss a beat this week, here's our brilliant 15 Things:


01 The completely amazing Instagrammer of the week: Mariah Lee Bevacqua.


02 When Ronaldo met Japan.

via Reddit


03 This first picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Read everything you need to know about Gal.


04 Digital tattoos and 4 other bits of ace tech you should know about this week.


05 How to stop your friends from texting while driving. 



06 Dakota Johnson - the only reason we might go near Fifty Shades of Grey.


07 The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover you've been waiting for.

Watch the 5-minute preview here.


08 This headline from Australia.


09 Nicki Minaj showing Secret Cinema how to apologise for being late in the sexiest way possible.


10 The Queen ageing over time via banknotes.

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11 Anna: the ass-kicking, cider-swigging star of this week's FHM Girlfriend Selfies.

FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Anna


12 This blooper reel from season 4 of Game of Thrones.


13 Weddings, river monsters and Amy Willerton: What you'll be missing if you don't pick up the mag before next week.

Amy Willerton's FHM cover


14 This. We're not really sure what it is but it might just trump twerking.


15 Last but not least, this epic list of dating deal-breakers found on some poor, misguided guy's dating profile.

 Forever alone, then?