The selections were only made a few days ago and people are already going batshit crazy on the internet with allegations that the whole thing might be an elaborate scam.

Online conspiracy theorists claim that a leaked video of the draw shows FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke’s hands moving out of the camera’s view as he’s handed each ball, before revealing the contents to the camera.

According to YouTube commenters, this is solid proof that he’s switching the team papers for a pre-determined set, and nothing at all to do with the fact that he’s rubbish at opening things and the balls are really fiddly.

They even manage to explain key parts of the scam...

Is EverEvolvingApe right? Did FIFA really only employ Fernanda Lima because she's beautiful and would make us all look away? Is Jerome Valcke a secret match-fixing magician?

Or what if it was something even more sinister, like TheVolvagia suggests...

Does TheVolvagia know something we don't, or is he just a massive Sigourney Weaver fan that's clicked on the wrong video?

Have a look for yourself:

Obviously, it's ridiculous that an esteemed establishment like FIFA would go as far as to rig something this mahoosive. And those balls are pretty awkward-looking.

Then again, look how well out of the draw Valcke's home country, France, and the land of FIFA headquarters, Switzerland, did. Coincidence? Probably.