Dolph Lundgren is the God-like, multi-talented, Swedish meatball that we all secretly aspire to be. Not only is he a superstar action hero and top martial artist, we also came across these two little-known facts about him:

01 He has a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering and was award a scholarship to the world-renowned MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
02 He plays the drums and this video of Dolph in action tells us he's pretty bloody good at it.

He is the ultimate man. With that in mind, and Valentine's Day fast approaching, who better to ask for dating advice? FHM caught up with him recently and it turns out he's an expert on the ladies as well...

When you’re taking a girl out on a first date, you’ve got to find something that’s fun and interesting and a little different, so you can show your personality.

A good restaurant is always a good place to start because food and wine can open you up a little bit. Lunch is even better, if you’re trying to be cool about it. If you go for dinner in the evening, it’s more romantic and there’s more thought of what’s going to happen afterwards. Lunch is a little more relaxed.

Don’t just talk about yourself. Ask her about herself. It’s better to be a good listener. Women like to talk to each other about stuff, men not so much. We’re more into practical thinking like, “How do I get something done?” Women are more into analysing things.

Don't ever get very drunk on the first date. In the old days, I used to drink more and that’s not a good idea because then your true intentions start to come out. You’ve just got to be very nice and take her home and not try anything. If you try anything, it could have bad consequences.

There's no big secret to being charming. You've just got to have the ability to talk about any subject matter while being easy going and fun. Sometimes everyday life can get boring and a good date can lighten it up a little.

If she keeps checking her phone, I wouldn’t comment on it. It could just mean she has something important that she also had to do, like an appointment. On the other hand, you could not be interesting her enough. Either way, just suck it up, not react to it and see if it works out anyway.

If you come across drunk idiots when you’re out, don’t try and be the hero.
I think the best way to deal with drunk people is to be nice to them. Just crack a joke and deflect the situation. Drunk people tend to stay in one place, so they’re not going to walk after you or run after you.

Street fights are ugly. Teeth on the pavement and blood everywhere, it’s a big mess. It’s much more impressive to the girl to be able to handle it without getting physical. Just take the girl, tell the drunks something funny and walk off.

We know, right? The man's a genius. If you've suddenly developed an overwhelming man-crush, you can watch Dolph kick some ass alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme and Scott Adkins in Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, released on DVD, Blu-ray and limited edition 3D & 2D steelbook from February 11.

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