We here at FHM love our food and drinks. No really, we FREAKIN' LOVE IT. If it was up to us, we'd trade a family member for a lifetime supply of good-ass beverages. We also love a good comic book, so you can imagine how stoked we were when Doritos and Pepsi Max invited us down to the award-winning Mill Studios in London to check out the new digital comic they're launching, inspired by the new Doritos Jalapeno Fire and the Pepsi Max Citrus Freeze.

Jack and Gary transforming into FireFingers and IceFist. One can only imagine what it would be like if they were eating Cheese & Onion and drinking Supermalt

To celebrate these new delicious flavours, Doritos and Pepsi Max have launched a digital comic featuring the awesome duo of FireFingers and IceFist. As well as taking FHM on a tour of the Mill Studios to show us first-hand production of the comic, they took our very own Jerry Gadiano and converted him into a superhero dubbed The Jezminator.

'The Jezminator'... That name harldy strikes fear into the hearts evil-doers and rioters, does it?

FireFingers and IceFist also whizzed by our office yesterday to save Daniel 'Spuds' Masoliver from falling down stairs. As reward for saving our Spuds (and supplying some much needed grub for the day) we gave them an advanced copy of the new FHM, which is out now.

Spuds forgot it was dress-as-superhero day yesterday...

Head to doritosandmax.com or click the image below to check out the amazing first issue and make sure you stock up on the Doritos Jalapeno Fire and Pepsi Max Citrus Freeze, for obvious reasons.