This morning, on Radio 1, Scott Mills dropped the bombshell - well, to us, anyway - that the voice of Siri is also the voice-over guy on The Weakest Link.

No, not Anne Robinson. Anyway, FHM went on the hunt for more surprising facts...

01 Jon Briggs

In fact, not only is Jon the famous voice of Siri and Anne Robinson's better half...

...he's also at the beginning of Pendulum's Blood Sugar track.


02 Billy West

And not only is Billy West the voice of Fry and Dr Zoidberg in Futurama...

...he's also the voice of Stimpy in Ren & Stimpy, Doug Funnie in Doug and...the red M&M.


03 Frank Oz

Hold on to your hats. Because the voice of Yoda... also the voice of Miss Piggy.


04 John DiMaggio

And this guy voices everyone from Jake the Dog in Adventure Time to Bender in Futurama.


05 Peter Cullen

Of course the guy that is the voice of Optimus Prime is also the voice of Eeyore.