2011’s coolest film.

Stars: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, and Christina Hendricks

What Is It?: Super-trendy ‘art-noir’ (just smile and nod, that’s what we did) film starring Ryan Gosling as a stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver. He’s not the most talkative chap, and spends most of his time hanging out at a garage fixing cars with the dad from Malcolm in the Middle. After meeting his lovely next-door neighbour lady and her young son however, he accidentally gets pulled into a very nasty affair involving mobsters, car chases, fugitives and lots of violence.

What We Loved: It’s so slick that it’s sort of like that guy we all know that makes you feel cool just by hanging out him. The dim lighting, the cool camera angles and Gosling’s give-a-shit attitude all help you feel like you’re definitely ready to saunter down to your local vintage car yard, hot-wire a Camaro, head over to your local pawn shop, rob it, and drive away leaving nothing but swooning women and tire tracks. You’re probably not ready though, (are you ever ready for that?) so we wouldn’t advise it. It would almost definitely end badly.

What We Didn’t Love: Nothing. Although we would advise that if a lady-friend insists on coming along because, ‘OMG it’s totally Ryan Gosling from The Notebook, the film that totally taught her how to cherish true love’, it might be worth warning her of some distinctly American History X-type moments of violence. Ryan might not seem so dreamy after she sees what he’s capable of. On second thought, bring her along.

Look Out For: What is hands-down the coolest soundtrack to a movie since Tarantino’s last outing. Deep sub-electronica gives a really surreal and creepy feel to the whole thing. Mostly penned by ex-Chilli Peppers drummer Cliff Martinez, there’s also this super cool track from College feat. Electric Youth,  and this one from Kavinsky feat. Lovefoxxx from CSS.

Get The Look: Shiny gold jacket and a jauntily angled toothpick in your mouth should do the trick. Toss in a penchant for mindless violence and an air of complete disinterest in your fellow man and you’re there.

Excitement Level: 93% Go forth and watch. Now.

Drive is in cinemas nationwide 23 September 2011

Quilted scorpian jacket: a strong look