Ed Sheeran is one of those musical chaps that make journalists everywhere quiver and go ‘Ooh he’s going to have a big year’. Well, guess what? He’s going to have a big year.

Although technically it’s almost July, so if Ed wants to have a big year he needs to HURRY UP. We have an awesome acoustic performance of Ed’s current single The A Team.

This one time, in the world of Ed Sheeran, he played 312 gigs in a year. That equates to one gig every 0.8 days.

Also, when he went to LA, Ed Sheeran was spotted by Jamie Foxx, and Jamie Foxx said something along the lines of "why don’t you chill at my pad and record some beats" which means "you can stay at my house and record some music". And he did.

MORE FACTS ABOUT ED include the fact his video for The A Team only cost £20. Face it, you’ve spent more than that on curried meat.

So we hope you enjoy this video of Ed singing in the back of a van, which was recorded at The Great Escape festival. Every band has been there – shifting gear from gig to gig in the back of a van, chasing the dream.

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