What are you going to do now the World Cup's over? Take up fencing? Buy a parrot? No - catch up on these 15 awesome things you might have missed, of course...


01 Our ludicrously attractive Instagrammer of the week: Maja Krag.

02 England's best score of the World Cup.


03 The fact you can get 6 issues of FHM and DJ BBQ's BBQ Book for just £7.99.



04 This Australian photographer that you should follow on Instagram.


05 This excellent reminder that Emily Ratajkowski exists.


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06 Need FHMManFood inspiration? Here are the winners so far...

Each month, DJ BBQ picks the best from #FHMManFood to win a craft beer-flavoured prize.


07 Laia Grassi (aka Miss Alexis Sanchez).

Arsenal may have just signed Sanchez but the real win for English fans is his sensationally hot, blue-eyed girlfriend Laia Grassi and her Instagram account.

The new PUMA shirt is FHM's pick of the bunch of next season's new kits and is available HERE (Spanish model not included).

08 This GIFtastic piece of awesomeness courtesy of Amy Willerton and the latest issue.


09 This incredible sighting of a middle-aged Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro.



10 3Doodley, the world's first 3D printing pen that we didn't know we'd want until now.


11 Leah: the phenomenal star of this week's Girlfriend Selfies.

12 This scarily good Peter Griffin impersonator.

13 These 11 ways to have better sex, as told to us by a load of kinky scientists.

14 The mesmerising Sophie Turner (aka Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones).


15 Helene Meldhalf, the expert-level, selfie-taking doodler from Mars*.