Tomorrow, five months after it was originally slated for release, Gangster Squad finally comes to a cinema near you.

This is one film that is chock full of goodness. Set in the 1940s and based on the real-life battle for the streets of Los Angeles, there's more sharp suits, police corruption and cracking one-liners than you can flail a tommy gun at. If you like Mad Men, L.A. Noire or Public Enemies, you shouldn't think twice about going to see this.

Other than the impeccable production design, one of Gangster Squad's greatest strengths is its ability to surprise. Director Ruben Fleischer leads you down a path that you think you know, dropping clues to make you think, "Yup, I know what's going to happen now." He plays on plot conventions to shock viewers out of complacency. And then BOOM, a man is ripped apart by two cars.

Gangster Squad cast

The cast is pretty amazing too, featuring the likes of Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte, Ryan Gosling and the lovely Emma Stone.

If you're still unsure, watch the official trailer below...