The World Cup might only just be getting started in the grand scheme of things but for the England team it’s well and truly over.

We caught up with England veteran Rio Ferdinand, speaking to promote the launch of EA SPORTS UFC, to find out where the team should go next…

On England...

“We’ve been involved in two good games but we haven’t been able to finish the job on either of them, which has obviously been our downfall.

But we need to look at the positives and what we can take away from the tournament rather than dwell on the negatives and focusing on specific individuals as the problem.

Regardless of final standings we have had some great performances with young players that have come in and shown that they’re the future of the England team.

For me our most exciting player has been Raheem Sterling who’s played brilliantly, as has Barkley who’s come off the bench and looked incredibly exciting.  Sturridge and Welbeck have also stepped up to the plate. 

They’ve all absolutely demonstrated that they can play at this level and now it’s importance that Hodgson gives the other young lads a chance in the same way.

Let them see what it’s like to play in a World Cup and give them a chance to put some pride back in the country. The younger guys will only keep improving and take something from the experience that we can us going forward for the next tournament. “

Final Standings...

“I’ve backed Argentina since the beginning of the tournament and would have liked to see them against the home nation Brazil and I’m going to stick with that. Brazil v Argentina in the final – with the Argentinians for the win.” 

Underdog threat...

“Columbia and Chile are both looking dangerous and playing well which could cause some upsets but ultimately when it comes down to it I think they’re going to run out of legs on this one. “ 


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