Whilst there are approximately a million different questions anyone could ask Roy Hodgson about tomorrow night’s Italy game, the most popular should definitely be: “Are you going to play Raheem Sterling or Danny Welbeck?

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Most of the starting XI seems to be settled, but the question over Sterling or Welbeck is still unanswered… but based on the stats provided by our pals at The Equaliser it really shouldn’t be.

The difference in their attacking numbers from last season’s Premier League is ridiculous. Dribbling, creating chances, taking chances… Sterling is miles ahead.

And this also extends to his defensive skills, which oddly is the usual case that people make for Welbeck on the basis he could offer more cover.

If Hogson has an ounce of sense and provided that Sterling doesn’t suffer a freak training accident he should absolutely, with complete certainty let the boy start on Saturday.

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