Should England score against Sweden tonight, it'll be the 2,000th goal in their history. There's been 99 penalties, 81 hat-tricks and, amazingly, seven goals by Emile Heskey.

We asked FHM readers to vote for their favourite ever England goal.


3rd place (9%) - David Beckham vs. Argentina, 2002

A surprise choice, considering it was technically a pretty awful peno. But who cares about ‘technically’ when one 12-yard drill vanquished Beckham’s agonising four-year hangover from France ’98?

2nd place (19%) - Paul Gascoigne vs. Scotland, 1996

One of our personal favourites, because it was Gazza and it was Scotland and it was the dentist's chair and it was in England and it was sunny and it was such a beautiful moment and God why can't Gareth Barry do that?

1st place (51%) - Michael Owen vs. Argentina, 1998

Owen only made his international debut in the February of that year. He was sub for the first two group games. But, in the second round match against the Argies, something beautiful happened.

Some people are weirdly down on Owen these days. Sure, he's not the player he was and, sadly, he never will be, but we'll always have St. Etienne.