Amazon, the biggest shop in the world that nobody has actually ever visited, have announced that you can now shop via Twitter. Which adds a whole new area of concern to the drunken one-click-buy generation…
So what does this actually mean? You can buy stuff straight from Twitter?
Despite the ‘impulse buying’ hysteria that seems to have been generated it’s not really that straightforward. In a nutshell, if you follow Amazon on Twitter and they tweet out a product that you’re interested in, you can send them a reply saying: ‘#AmazonBasket’ or ‘#AmazonCart’ if you’re in the US.
This will add the item straight to your checkout basket (if you’ve previously linked your shopping account to your social one) allowing you to purchase it later on.


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That’s not really that convenient at all…
We hear what you’re saying but would you actually want the ability to buy anything you wanted by just tweeting? What if somebody hacked your account? Or worse, what if you were drunk? Imagine waking up and suddenly owning five crates full of these.
Being able to buy straight from a tweet would be riddled with security issues. What makes it good is that if you spot something brilliant you can bookmark it.
Won’t it be awkward that everyone in the world will be able to see what we’re buying?
Only if you’re buying stuff like anal beads. Clearly the rule here is, don’t hashtag anything that could embarrass you later. Your actual online shopping basket will still be private though so fill your boots on that one.
That said, it puts marketers in the nice position of being able to see exactly what people are interested in via a simple hashtag search. Making it a helluva lot easier for them to target you  with ads.
Of course, that’s only really a worry if you currently have faith in Amazon not selling on your data anyway. In which case Amazon will probably end up losing some of that money…


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Wait, so Amazon are losing money out of this? Then why do it…
Only if Amazon actually sell on your data, which they might not.
The real reasoning for hashtag buying is to increase impulse buying. Because apparently Amazon don’t get enough of that from their current one-click-buy system… Also known as the ‘I-got-wasted-and-woke-up-with-15-lifesize-Dolly-Parton-dolls’ system.
So  overall verdict? Are they evil? Is it another attempt to turn the world in an Orwellian nightmare?
It’s a nice idea but we can’t see it increasing impulse buying by that much because you’ve still got to log on and actively purchase stuff.
Ultimately it’s a good gimmick and given the fact that it’s the age of the internet and your data is all over the place anyway, it’s not too threatening.
We’d probably be more worried about those pesky drones that they’re working on. Which you can read about here.

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