Everything that’s wrong with LA Noire

Posted by , 29 June 2011

Everything that’s wrong with <i>LA Noire</i>


"Don't look, that door's just shot itself"

Okay, first up, we loved LA Noire. Everyone loved LA Noire. But there were some pretty big problems with it, and amidst all the hype, it seems that a lot of them were overlooked. Never ones to pick an easy target (uh, Duke Nukem Forever review notwithstanding) we figured we’d pick apart everything that’s wrong with this monumental title. Our Bête Noires, if you will. Ah ha.

We should warn you that there are spoilers ahead, which is why we’ve left it until now to chat about this. If you’ve not played it through yet (and if you haven’t, seriously, go pick it up) then there are some details on the later plot that might spoil the game for you. If you’re one of those whingey complaining types, that is.

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