"You've got to have credibility and integrity and stick to your guns, even if doing a song with Guetta will get you an extra 20 million fans. I admire JLS, they make good pop music, but I'd never do a song with them because they don't make sense to me.

I'm so anti-X Factor. I've slated Olly Murs so much, I can meet him and go 'You're a lovely person but your music's shit'."

That's what Example told us in the not-to-be-missed new issue of FHM. He also gave us his top five acts to keep your ear out for in 2012...

1) The Weeknd

Example says: "A singer/songwriter from Toronto who's worked with Drake, cutting edge lyrics and made the best mixtape of the year so far.

2) Michael Kiwanuka 

Example says: "Saw him supporting Adele this year, believe the hype, he is that good."

3) P Money

Example says: "He's a grime MC that's been around for ages already, but his album next year will make him a big name, the best rapper in the UK right now and lots of stage presence."

4) Fenech Soler

Example says: "Another act that have been around for a while, but their next album will get them the attention they deserve, have supported me on tour and are converting fans everywhere."

5) Nina Nesbitt

Example says: "Young singer/guitarist from Edinburgh, I was introduced to her by Ed Sheeran, amazing voice, cute and has mass appeal."

Example's top 5 YouTube videos...
Example's top 10 tour bus tracks...
Example's 5 style essentials

The January issue has landed, featuring the brilliant triple-whammy of Olivia Munn, the 2012 FHM Calendar and the breakthrough artist of the year, Example, reviewing the moments that have made 2011 in the first ever FHM Annual. It's on shelves now, and it looks like this:


Example FHM

If 2011 was the year that British pop exploded, then Example was the man lighting the match and tipping petrol on the fire. The 28-year-old spent the year peering down from the top of the charts, pissing off the establishment, and having his fair share of fun (and ladies) along the way. Who better, then, to call time on the year, than our newly crowned dude of 2011…


FHM Jimmy Anderson

Flip your mag for our unmissable round-up of what rocked your 2011 and celebrate the end of the year in style. Who stole the show? What made you LOL? What actually happened? We bring you the news, sport and entertainment that made 2011 the year it was, and a lovely end of year quiz to check you’ve been paying attention…

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