Alan Hansen really won't be quaking in his boots after this, because we were tired, slightly hungover and late. The end result was us sat with half-shut eyes staring at a desk while we spouted our tedious opinions about the weekend's Premier League games.*

But then again, we can't all be Chris Kamara, and at least as bored as you might get with our suggestions, there's a very nice presenter called Hanna desperately trying to look interested with what we had to say. Another reason to watch the show is the other presenter, Sam. They're swell. We're not so swell. We'll stick to hiding behind a screen for you.

*If you win any money out of what we say, we want commission. Or beer.

The Big Saturday show, hosted by Coral TV’s Sam and Hanna can be seen at your local Coral betting shop every Saturday from 8.30am.