Friends With Benefits is the new movie featuring our current girlfriend Mila Kunis. As you can probably gather from our past musings about Mila; when we say ‘girlfriend’, we actually mean, ‘girl we lust over until the early-morning light brings the harsh reality that we are indeed, and probably always will be, Mila Kunis-less.’ Sad days indeed.

Anyways, enough of that. New movies are a time for celebration, (yeah!) especially when we have a super-exclusive clip of this one to share.

The movie’s about two friends (Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis) who decide after a string of bad relationships that a healthy bout of no-strings sex is the answer to all their troubles. If something about that sentence sounds a little off to you, then you’ve probably guessed that there might be the odd roadblock on their path to happiness when emotions start to get in the way. And yep, sure enough, soon they start to like each other in a more-than-just-friends type of way. Kind of like the way that we like Mila.

The clip shows Justin Timberlake bumping into everyone’s favourite snowboarder, Shaun ‘The Flying Tomato’ White, who seems a little edgy. But then, he’s not going out with Mila either so we totally get that.