In May, FHM went to Barcelona to watch the X Games and test drive the new Ford Fiesta ST. FHM staffer Ally hadn't driven in around four years and her first and only car had been a £300 1992 Ford Fiesta with a choke, a dodgy clutch pedal and an inability to get up a hill without a serious amount of revving and a decent run-up.

Ford Fiesta ST

Not only was she faced with driving a turbo-charged left-hand-drive around the Spanish mountains, she was then put through trauma of going for a spin with none other than legendary X Games RallyCross drivers Ken Block and Brian Deegan.

X Games Block and Deegan

Not familiar with their work? Ken Block's Gymkhana 2 video has had over 40 million views and Brian Deegan is the most decorated Freestyle Motocross rider in X Games history. To ride with these guys, Ally had to sign three disclaimers that all included the word "death."FHM rides with Ken Block
What did she learn? It's impossible to look calm and collected with a face full of G-force in some souped-up Fiesta STs. On the positive side, Deegan's car breaking down allowed for a cheeky little chat. Keep your eyes peeled for what he told us and check out the video below for drifts galore:

Catch Block and Deegan at the next X Games in Munich between the 27th – 30th June. And if you like the look of the new Fiesta ST, you can pop one in your basket here.

Photography by Ford in Europe

Video edited by Nathan Caws