It’s been a good year in the life of troll-a-like dub-step overlord Skrillex: Three Grammy Awards, almost half a billion views on his YouTube channel, and every wubwubwub-loving partygoer on the face of the planet is eating out of his tiny hands.

And his latest chart-climbing, eardrum-shattering, BBC Radio 1 A-Listed offering Bangarang is currently rocking our nipples clean off of our chests.

But what in the name of sweet fudge does bangarang actually mean? We hit the streets of London to ask sexy Skrillex fans for their best guesses (before revealing the true origin of the word below)…

So ladies, what do you reckon "Bangarang" means?

Mary: “Banging, but with lots of people involved.”

Annie: “Something to do with sex? Like, if you're banging around a bit with other people.”


Rebecca: “What, like boomerang? A boomerang with more of a club on it, to hit people with.”


Sandy: “It’s some kind of toy. The sort of toy that could mean one thing to a child, and another to an adult…”


Kristine: “Maybe it’s some kind of bird. Or possibly a spice that you can put on chicken to give it a kick.”


Neus: “It sounds like some type of tribal dance, where people dance in a circle then run together. Like a hokey cokey.”


Anna: “It’s a sex game where people get together, drink a lot, put on some heavy metal music really loud and thrash about.”

The big reveal...

Fine guesses, one and all, but you’re all wrong. In fact, the true meaning of bangarang isn’t a sex game, nor a club-headed boomerang (because that would be physically impossible), nor a Peri Peri-style spice.

Bangarang is actually a reference to the battle cry used by the Lost Boys in Robin Williams’ 90s Peter Pan classic Hook. Hence the full Skrillex lyrics, “Shout to all my lost boys // We rowdy // Shout to all my lost boys // Bangarang!”

You can use it to express your approval or joy at any given situation. So next time your footy team scores a goal: bangarang! Next time your best bud gets a round in down the pub: bangarang! And next time a sexy girl called Anna invites you round for a boozy sex-fest: bangarang!

Bangarang, Rufio!

Loud noises!

(Interviews by Danny Foy)