We’ve stressed before just how underrated we think Australia is, as a nation. Our main reasons were the existence of Miranda Kerr and the fact they probably let us win the Ashes (It was really nice of them, to be fair).

At the time we thought the star of various Victoria’s Secret campaigns and the infamous cricket victory were the pinnacle of Australia’s offerings, but no, it turns out they’ve got more, as this weekend they’ve kindly decided to host UFC 127.  They really do just keep on giving.

The fight card features a number of British stars, including FHM favourite Michael Bisping, who's starring in the co-main event against Jorge Rivera and Ultimate Fighter Season 9 winner Ross Pearson, who faces UFC veteran Spencer Fisher on the prelims.

We met up with Ross to get his thoughts on his big fight down under.

FHM: You’ve fought all over the place, but how do you feel about fighting in Sydney?

RP: I’m excited. I’ve never been to Australia before, so I’m looking forward to the experience and getting the chance to fight in front of 20,000 fans. Plus, I get a nice holiday to kick off 2011 and the chance to get away from the snow and rain in England.

FHM: You’re fighting someone who’s been around a bit in Spencer Fisher. Why do you think you were matched up together?

RP:  Well he’s coming off a win against Curt Warburton (who also fights at UFC127) while I’m coming off a loss to Cole Milller, so the fight makes sense for both of us. He’s a big name, a tough opponent and I think our styles match up well, so it’ll be a fight that the fans will enjoy watching, hopefully.

The Australian bush or rainy ol'England? We know where we'd rather be right now.

FHM: How do you see the fight going?

RP: Well I’m going to try to finish the fight. I go in to finish every fight I’m in. I don’t plan on leaving it in the judges' hands. I’ve seen a lot of dodgy decisions recently (in MMA) and I don’t want to be on the receiving end of one.

FHM: You mentioned earlier your loss to Cole Miller at Ultimate Fight Night 22. How have you picked yourself up from such a disappointing loss?

RP: The first few weeks after the fight were the hardest I’ve ever had to deal with. At the time I beat myself up a lot about it because I’m so critical of myself and I want to be the best. I’m so passionate, and to lose the way I did took a lot out of me. I was really down about it, but I’ve got strong group of friends and family that really helped me get over it. I think I’m going to show the spirit I have by performing in this fight.

FHM: And do you see the loss having an effect on your game plan for Spencer?

RP: Definitely not.  What happened happened that night. I was beaten fair and square. I won’t be thinking about that this Saturday. I’m only going to be focussed on one thing, and that’s winning.

FHM: And finally, with a win on Saturday what do you plan to achieve for the rest of 2011?

RP: I’m hoping for a consistent year, with a lot of wins and the chance to show people exactly what I’m capable of.

Ross’ fight can be seen live on ESPN at around 1am in the UK. And if that isn’t enough action for your Saturday night, you can catch BAMMA 5, featuring Ross’ teammate Paul Daley in the main event, live on SyFy (Sky 114, Virgin 135) or online at BAMMATV.com at 9pm.