Hotly-tipped (and not just because of his untamed ginger red hair), Ed Sheeran has been winning all sorts of folk over with his effortless blend of chilled out campfire music.

Last week FHM cosied up with our loved ones and went along to see him play at The Scala in London. Not surprisingly, loads of people turned up.

What was surprising, however, was the humongous roar filling the room when Ed said ‘Shout if you’re going to university in September!’ FHM felt old. FHM felt chucked onto a proverbial scrapheap. Suddenly, FHM forgot how to dance. Such was the intensity of the situation.

Throughout the night, Ed slipped from heartfelt tracks to quick-wit lyrics about black cabs and glue and other normal things. Lovely.

Ed even told us some of the words to his catchy hooks so we could all sing along, which made the whole thing intimate on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Even having a pint tipped in our hair didn’t ruin the mood. Well, it did a bit.