Even though the sun’s out and we can, you know, get an actual tan the normal way, a survey has revealed the number of men using sunbeds has gone up this year by 30%.

Why? Well, aside from the fact we’re anticipating one of those miserable summers where it’s cold and we look like Casper the ghost, lately it’s become a bit more acceptable to care about how we look.

But there’s a difference between lapping up the sun and lying naked on a sun bed. Namely that one of them makes you look like a leather purse and is detrimental to your health.

The Save Your Skin campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of using sunbeds by sponsoring the ‘Large and Little’ boxing event in Liverpool at The Olympia Arena this Saturday night.

An investigation by Fake Bake showed that a lot boxers use sun beds before a fight so that they look their best – even though it’s an unnecessarily dangerous beauty regime.

To help promote awareness of the Save Your Skin Campaign, we have a year’s supply of Fake Bake to give away (hint: it’s fake tan). It's better you use that than a sun bed.

Just tweet us at @FHM_UK and tell us the most interesting thing about boxing/fake tan.The best/most unique entry will get the tickets. Simple as that.