Two nights ago team FHM went to London’s Scala to see Ben Howard perform, since the Devon singer’s become a bit of a big deal lately and we love a good deal.

What you need to know: he’s 23, he released his debut album Every Kingdom earlier this month and he managed to make every single girl at the Scala melt during his set.

Here’s why last night’s gig was amazing:

The room was packed.
Admittedly, FHM arrived a bit late, after we went to Nandos and accidentally stole someone’s burger and had to wait 45 minutes for our actual food, but when we DID turn up, it was absolutely rammed. For a guy who doesn’t use Facebook or own a TV, Ben Howard has got a pretty huge following.

Ben Howard’s the anti-rock star.
He just had a plain T-shirt on, he didn’t yap on about how he was born to be a singer – the man got up there, did some epic songs, said thank you and left. And everyone liked him for it.

Even celebrities were having fun.
FHM saw Matt Horne from Gavin and Stacey there. He was really enjoying himself.

Girls swooning CONSTANTLY.
FHM staffers Jess Commons and Lucy Hancock were all a-flutter after the gig. Jess, who was sniffing a Ben Howard T-shirt with gusto, could only muster one word: ‘oozy’. Lucy Hancock felt the whole thing was ‘stirring’, and was happy to have sacked off an evening with her ex boyfriend to go and see Ben. Ange Hughes, FHM’s Fashion expert, is still too giddy to speak.

Even chavs like Ben Howard.
When a group of trackie-clad ne’er-do-wellers sidled up to FHM at the gig, we wondered if we’d gone to the wrong venue. Tough-looking tattoed folk are always a bit intimidating, but as soon as Ben burst into song, they sang along, arm in arm to Keep Your Head Up. Rad.

Check out next month's FHM to see what happened when our writer spent a few days on Ben Howard's tour bus in Amsterdam