FHM and Jägermeister hit the road

Posted by , 05 June 2013

FHM X Jägermeister Roadtrip: What we’ve learnt so far…

FHM X Jägermeister Roadtrip: What we’ve learnt so far…

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    A guide to extreme adventure roadtripping in the UK

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    The essential roadtrip kit

Our FHM x Jägermeister Roadtrippers have been out their tearing up the highway in their trusty Hyundai Camper for five days, now stopping off in Devon, Plymouth, Cornwall, Manchester and now Sheffield.

Here are a few of the travelling pearls of wisdom that they've managed to pick up...

01 Toilets in Devon have the best view


02 The further north you travel, the smaller your camper van will start to look

03 People are actually nice. Like, incredibly nice


04 Monster munch and Haribo will sustain your five-a-day quota. For special dietary requirements: add Lucozade

05 Peeing in your wetsuit to survive works


06 You don’t need to leave the UK to see massive bugs

07 Tea and cake shops are the greatest places on earth, despite how forlorn Ollie looks in this picture

08 Fishing makes you feel like a real man and saves you food money



09 Eric Cantona was right, the seagulls really do follow the trawler

10  Birds in Devon are angry and under-surveilance


11 Also, bird shit burns. Properly burns.

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