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Posted by , 25 June 2013

Coke Can Chicken

Coke Can Chicken

If you haven't ingested an entire chicken that has "fallen awkwardly" on a can of Coke, then...well, you're just a normal human being. But do you fancy trying it for yourself? Find out how right now from FHM food columnist DJ BBQ and don't forget to grab this month's issue for his candied pork with pineapple salsa recipe.

DJ BBQ says...

My friends, this dish will get you laid. Believe me. Look how damned sexy it is.

About a decade ago, I saw an article about a chicken cooked with a beer can, so I started throwing beer cans up chicken asses. But over here the problem is that all your beer cans are tall boys. They’re too tall for a chicken’s butt.

It was then that I realised I could shove a Coke can up there. I wanted something sweeter, something more caramel tasting anyway, and this made total sense. But then I went one further, and because I really like bourbon and Coke, I added a shot of the Buffalo Trace too. It’s the supremo bourbon and the only one I’d use. I whacked some thyme in there too and it all totally worked.

The alcohol evaporates from the bourbon, but you get the smoky sweetness coming through the Coke. When I served it up at London’s snowboarding festival, Freeze, it was everybody’s favourite. It’s just the sexiest thing you can possibly do to a chicken without getting a trip home in a cop car.

Coke can chicken recipe

01 First up, y’all gonna need to pound and grind that black pepper for the rub. Chuck the corns into a mortar and pestle and work it until it’s ground right down. Next, take all but one of the sprigs of thyme and take the leaves off. This stuff is real pungent, so don’t overdo it.Coke can chicken stage 1

02 Place your whole chicken in a tray, and cover with oil. Chuck the pepper, salt and thyme on and rub in. Then crack your Coke open and drink down to around the first ‘C’ on the can. Pour the shot of bourbon into the can and the last sprig of thyme so it’s poking out. Now place the chicken ass-first over the can, so it looks like it’s sitting up, making a tripod from the can and the legs. It’ll sit on there nice and snug.

Coke can chicken stage 2

03 Time to BBQ your bird. Avoid charcoal briquettes as the chemicals will taint your flavour. Instead, try to get lumpwood charcoal and cherrywood chips. This gives a sweeter smoke. Once the flames are down and you’re glowing, move all the heat to one side of the BBQ. Place the chicken on the other side, and put your lid on. Cook for 1.45 mins at 160, or until the juices run clear.

Coke can chicken stage 3

And there we have it. Here's a few readers who have already made a success of it:

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