As the wonderful @sixthformpoet put it on Twitter, “How good would Usain Bolt be if he wasn’t so cruelly plagued by self-doubt?” 

“I’m now a living legend,” beamed Bolt, having successfully defended both the 100m and the 200m sprint titles. And he really is. It’s impossible to argue with him. The shy and retiring Jamaican is probably the most extraordinary athlete who has lived. Hyperbole? Exaggeration? He ran 200m in 19.32 seconds and HE WASN’T EVEN FULLY FIT!  He was out partying with the Swedish women’s handball team the other night! 

Incidentally, credit must go to the British men’s handballer who was on Sky Sports News this morning thanking Bolt for ‘raising the profile of the sport’ with his late night rendezvous. Erm… we’re not sure that’s what he was interested in raising...


For all the joy that Mo and Jess and Sir Chris and everyone has brought us, let’s be honest, the BMX races are the best bit of the Olympics, aren’t they? Yesterday was pure carnage on two wheels, a horrific melee of twisted metal and broken collarbones. At one point, they had to stop to sweep teeth off the track! Today brought us Shanaze Reade and her attempt to put the nightmare of Beijing behind her and Liam Phillips and his push for a medal. And some more bone-shattering crashes. And to think, we spent an hour yesterday watching hot-stepping horses. 

Anthony Ogogo met his nemesis in the ring today; a moist patch of canvas. The young British boxer was so close to reaching the final when he stepped forward, slipped and lost his footing, catching a clip round the ear as he went. The referee gave him the count, Ogogo’s concentration slipped and then his opponent Falcao Florentino went medieval on his bottom. The Brit will still pick up a bronze medal, but oh, if it hadn’t been for the pesky moist patch of canvas…

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