Get the most out of this weekend's Super Bowl with FHM's guide to (not entirely) responsible drinking. Grab a glass/bottle/crate/comedy straw or, better yet, keep your booze topped up with FHM Beer Club...



Drink two fingers when…
One of the players kisses his index finger and raises it to God.

Drink one finger when…
You see a tackle so huge your own balls stat to hurt.

Drink three fingers when…
The mega-bucks adverts make you impulse-buy Huggies.

Down your drink when…
Your girlfriend walks into the room and asks if Beckham is playing.

Drink one finger when…
A player's arse is spanked in a congratulatory fashion.

Down two drinks when…

A mascot abseils into the stadium, then stays hanging upside down for ages.

Down your drink when…
A crowd member is filmed yelling, “Defence! Defence!” until his eyes bulge.

Drink two fingers when…
A quarterback’s pass is completed over 40 yards or more.

Down your drink when…
It’s over and you’re unsure what the hell just happened.

Everybody in the room downs their drink when…
Controversy hits half-time as Bruno Mars windmills his penis.

Go to bed when…
It’s 2:30am, you’re way too drunk, and you’ve got work in the morning.

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