To celebrate the release of Unstoppable on DVD and Blu-ray, this week we’re inter-railing across Europe. In each city, it’s a race against the clock to complete a list of organised activities before having to jump on the train again to the next destination. It’s going to be one helluva ride…


Our train pulls into Amsterdam Central at 00.26 and we head straight to the red light district for no other reason than this is where our hotel is situated. Why else would we be there? Already slightly monged from the SECONDARY effects of spliff inhalation, we go immediately to the nearest kebab shop. There’s nothing like a döner to alleviate those dreaded munchies.

Unstoppable Amsterdam
The Dutch national flag

Morning arrives. We go shooting. We start off light – a rifle. Easy, right? Nope. Out of a magazine of ten bullets, we manage only two on target, and even those are in outer space relative to the centre. Next comes a semi-automatic handgun. Our instructor, a rotund, ponytailed Dutchman, realises by this stage that he is dealing with lemmings, but unfortunately he speaks little English. Wild gesticulation accompanied by uninformative warnings of ‘no boom boom’ ensue. But we’re hopeless. We don’t hit the target once.

This punk feels lucky

Next comes the big boy. The magnum. Oh yeah. Before we even pick it up, the instructor has retreated to the viewers’ gallery, where he continues to make indecipherable hand signals. We shoot. The instructor does a double take. We don’t know what’s going on. He races out of the other room and brings us the target. Bullseye.

This target has categorically not been tampered with

Reeling from this improbable success, we head back into the street and cajole a few people into admiring our categorically-not-tampered-with target. We receive some vaguely alarmed stares and a half-arsed thumbs-up. But time is running out. We need to head back to Amsterdam Central to catch our sleeper to Berlin. And fast. Phew. Made it just in time. Only 9 ½ hours to go now and we’ll be in Berlin. It dawns on us that we could be flying to Florida in that time. No matter. We’ve got a cosy little bunk-bed that we’ll be sharing with two Koreans and a manly-smelling Pole. One thing, though. Just make sure to wake us up before it reaches Moscow. In the next hundred stops… Berlin.

Red Seven
Red Seven organise Stag and Hen weekends to destinations all over Europe. The Amsterdam ‘Shoot ‘Em Up Weekend’ includes 2 nights’ accommodation, target shooting and VIP Club Entry. Transfers all included. Prices start at £170.

The Bulldog Hotel
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 216-220, 1012 GJ Amsterdam. Shared dorms start at €30 per night and private twin deluxe at €55.