Fireworks, eh? Massive loud light explosions high above your head. And when it comes to fireworks, like most things, bigger is better. But if you're thinking of putting on a display to impress, the last thing you want to be doing is running along a line lighting rocket after rocket, bricking it when a rogue won't light and the one next to it is about to go off. So with Bonfire Night approaching we've reviewed the best of the brand new single ignition fireworks from Black Cat - you know the ones: a big box, light it, then stand back and admire as you give heart attacks to 40% of the cats in the vicinity while the ladies marvel at your handiwork. Proper pyrotechnics.


An awesome 105 shot display of all that is best in the world of pyrotechnical wizardry. The show kicks off with an earth shattering blitz of mine effects, multi level crackling starbursts, massive golden palms and chaotic dragon ball comets creating a fanned display with a finale of sparkling glitter and giant chrysanthemum bursts. Light this once, stand back and be amazed by your own professional pyro display – guaranteed to impress the ladies.


Shots: 105
Height (approx): 40m
Duration (approx): 57 seconds
Price: £99.99


Hysteria Twinpack

Packed as a single ignition twin pack, because one Hysteria is not enough - you'll need to see it twice to take it all in. Ever watched a movie for the second time only to spot all the cool bits you missed? You won't miss anything this time. Two fast and furious Single Ignitions that fire a high power display of multi-coloured tails leading up to massive blue tipped starbursts and silver glitter willows with a finale of brocade crackle. Your mates will curl up and die when you set these off.


Shots: 29 each
Height (approx): 30m
Duration (approx): 50 seconds each
Price: £119.98


Majestic Finale

This big box of high class effects fills a LOT of sky – the King has entered the building, the Majestic Finale is the display to end the night! A cracking 120 shot firework unleashing massive starbursts of red, yellow, green and glitter, firing giant palm bursts, quick fire brocades and high power bursts stretching across the sky, leading to an intense and awe inspiring finale of crackling brocade plumes. It’s action packed; think rock concert pyro and you’ll be there.


Shots: 120
Height (approx): 40m
Duration (approx): 110 seconds
Price: £119.99



Expertly designed and choreographed, this 96 shot Single Ignition Firework fires volleys of co-ordinated fanned displays including massive green glitter bursts, red crackle and screeching whistles, punctuated with signature bursts of titianium flower and giant silver palms, with a finale of golden glitter and crackle. Light this once, stand back and enjoy your pyro party.


Shots: 96
Height (approx): 40m
Duration (approx): 105 seconds
Price: £69.99


Mega Mix

The original high power kit - This pack contains a total of 165 shots over three powerful Single Ignition fireworks - Big Boom, Smash & Grab and Blaster. A real show stopper - providing everything you need to recreate your own kick ass firework display.


Shots: 20, 49, 96 = 165 total
Height (approx): 40m
Duration (approx): 30, 35, 60 seconds each
Price: £89.99

Want to know more? Visit the Black Cat website (quoting FHM15 for free delivery, you're welcome)