It might not have happened yet but, at some point in your life, some maniac will fly at you with a DVD of Withnail and I, tell you to “Watch it! Just watch it!” and then scurry off into the night. This happened to us one night when we were set upon by a couple of drunk students .

If you’ve seen it, then you’ll definitely remember Uncle Monty, played by Richard Griffiths. Following the tragic passing of one of Britain's most beloved actors, we decided to pull out our old copy of Withnail and I and ponder why we, as a nation, find misery and misfortune so funny. Here's five of the very best:

05 Withnail and I

04 Snatch

03 Brazil

02 In Bruges

01 Sightseers

We sat down with Sightseers director Ben Wheatley and asked him just why we Brits love a black comedy so much. “Comedy in general comes from misfortune. It’s all about someone going, ‘Look at the bloke! He looks like an idiot!’ and the rest of us going ‘Yeah! We agree!’ Maybe it’s because we’re this tiny island with grotty weather so it just comes naturally.”

Sightseers is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.