There are certain things every football fan should do at some point in life. Things like watching your team lift a trophy, or score 8 goals in one game.

Sadly, most of us don't support Man City. But that doesn't mean this season can't finally be the time you get around to completing all those football pilgrimages you've always meant to do, but never got round to.

Here are five of the best for 2012/13...

(5) Lift the Premiership trophy (the real one)
During a 90-minute tour of the Etihad Stadium you’ll have the chance to see behind the scenes at the Premier League Champions. You'll be able to sit in Mancini's seat, learn about the club's, erm, history, and most importantly feast your eyes on the actual Premier League trophy. We've been told Mr Wenger is down here at least once a month…

(4) Bone up on your footy knowledge
To be a pro on footy trivia you don't need to spend all day on Wikipedia - you can just visit the National Football museum, where you'll find some of the most collectable memorabilia from both FIFA and UEFA. If that doesn't float your boat, you'll also be able to see John Farnworth, the holder of 5 Guinness World Records, display some cool freestyle tricks and skills and stuff.

(3) Stand in the Wembley tunnel

Walk through the world's most famous tunnel, before climbing the 107 sacred steps to the trophy collection point. You can even take a seat in the England manager's chair in the Press Room, and raise the FA cup. Just don't ask to see any World Cups, mind...

(2) Sit where Van Persie sat
Arsenal’s new self-guided tour is the best way to see all the Emirates has to offer, including the fancy U-shaped dressing room, complete with adjacent pool. You can even retrace the steps that Arsene Wenger and his merry band of runners up take before each match, as well as check out all of the glorious history from the good old days at the club's museum. And the best bit? It's narrated by keeping legend Bob Wilson.

(1) Go VIP at Man United
Watching a match at Old Trafford is a pretty amazing experience. Watching a match at Old Trafford from the famous South Stand is something every man should do once before he dies. For £299 you can not only rub shoulders with loads of United legends, you'll also get one of the best views in the house, free champers and a four-course meal. Rooney hat-trick not guaranteed.