1. On the face of it, the iPhone 5 looks almost identical to its predecessor, but is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. The screen is ever so slightly taller (measuring 4 inches from corner to corner), but the width remains the same.

2. The dock connector, which you use to plug your phone into a charger cable or iPod dock, has changed for the first time since 2003. Which means – you guessed it – that the iPhone 5 won’t be compatible with any existing chargers or docks you might have. Adaptor cables will be available for £25.

3. Inside its aluminium frame, the iPhone 5 packs a powerful punch in the shape of its new A6 processor. Apple claim that the new chip doubles both CPU and graphics performance. This should also boost the performance of its 8-megapixel camera.

4. An unlocked iPhone 5 will set you back a bank balance-draining £529 (16 GB), £599 (32 GB) or £699 (64GB). Pay Monthly users can expect significantly discounted handsets on two-year contracts when providers announce prices over the coming days. But let’s face it, it still won’t come cheap.

5. Experts reckon this is the last major iPhone launch we’ll see: new incarnations can’t get any thinner than the width of a headphone jack, and Lithium-ion battery technology is as advanced as it’s likely to get. Any improvements are likely to come on the software side, where the key will be to do more while using less power.

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