Guns, brothels and football: If Snoop Dogg was president...

Posted by , 17 October 2013

"Football should be a national sport..." When FHM met Snoop Dogg: part 2

"Football should be a national sport..." When FHM met Snoop Dogg: part 2

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    "Football should be a national sport..." When FHM met Snoop Dogg: part 2

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    "Football should be a national sport..." When FHM met Snoop Dogg: part 2


“I love soccer, man,” Snoop tells us, excitement in his voice. “I love it so much. I wanna learn how to play. I play the video games and I love watching it, but I’ve not found my team to follow yet.”
This enthusiasm is backed up by a new documentary, also called Reincarnated, which tells the story of his journey to become Snoop Lion in Jamaica. On more than one occasion you’ll spot him trekking through the jungle to huge ganja plantations while wearing the new Liverpool shirt, or mixing his new reggae tracks in a Chelsea top. He also has a well-documented friendship with David Beckham, was recently in talks about an investment in Celtic FC and has landed a role as official spokesman for the FIFA video games franchise. Snoop’s love for the game clearly runs deep.
“I’ve never been to a match, but the best game I’ve seen on TV was between Real Madrid and Barcalona a few years back. Barcalona won that 2-1, and they had Pretty Hair on their team. Y’know, Ronaldinho. If I had my way, I would make sure it was on TV a lot more and all over the major networks. I’d put it on right after an [American] football or basketball game. I just love the sport.”


National holidays are way up there with peanut-butter-and-jam sandwiches, muscle cars and throwing pig skins as great American traditions. They can find any excuse to crack open a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and celebrate, from Columbus Day on 14 October to Labour Day at the start of September. Snoop’s day? “My new national holiday would be Free Day. Everything is free. Any shop, pick out what you like: Free Day. Where would I go? I’d go straight into the dispensary [an American pharmacy]. Clear them out. U-Haul [removals] truck and just back it up. I think the people would vote for that, most definitely. I stand high on that statement.”
He wouldn’t stop at just the one, though. As the president of the United States, Snoop gets as many holidays as he likes. On top of stripping the shelves of medication, he’s all for spending time with his wife and three kids: “Maybe one called Family Day, too. You gotta have a day where the whole family gets together, goes for food, goes to a movie and just enjoys each other’s company. I’m a busy man, but we always try to have that day as much as possible, even if it’s just driving together, talking. We may go to a basketball game or a football game, but it’s gotta be something that involves everyone.”


As a man who’s spent the last 20 years taking his music right around the world, to the far corners of the planet, Snoop’s pretty well qualified to know what overseas gems the American people are missing out on: “The red-light district. I like that. We don’t got no red-light district and we need one. The last time I was in Amsterdam it was just by accident,” he says, before we inform him that this is the excuse offered by everyone who has ever walked through the city’s shadier corners. “It was an accident! I didn’t know what street I was on and all of a sudden the windows started to light up and there were bitches in them, so I had to stop. But then I regrouped and kept it moving through.”

And when it comes to making an individual an honorary citizen, who would he pick? Perhaps someone who’s worked all their life for world peace? Someone who’s fought for equality, who is loved without question universally, a true global hero?

“Russell Crowe,” he says without even a slight hesitation, as if he’s had the idea of the Aussie pledging his allegiance since forever. “He loves to hang out. He’s just real cool, a real cool cat.”


  Words by Chris Sayer. Follow him on Twitter.

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