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Posted by , 15 March 2011

For a cracking good curry

For a cracking good curry

Chor Bizarre

Unlike your local curry house, the meats in this joint are 100% identifiable. Not only that, but the dishes at Chor Bizarre are the kind your Indian hosts might actually eat. With two host branches in India and now one in London, it was all fairly promising from the start. 



The theme at Chor Bizarre seems to be petty theft, which is all a bit of a laugh. The term Chor Bizarre actually means thieves market, so the place it stuffed full of beautiful treasures (otherwise known as stolen goods) collected from across India. Our table was a brilliant reinvention of a massive four-poster bed. 



The tandoori is flavoursome and succulent not neon and chewy and the sizzling bowls of fragrant curry originating from Goa to Mumbai were a far cry from your standard Friday night meat-fishing in a vat of tasteless sauce.  


We even sampled some tasty Indian street food, which given how delicious it was, we thought they might have been making a bit of a fuss in Slumdog


And for the first time in our lives we had an Indian dessert. A novelty ice cream shaped like teddy bear? Hell no, we had grilled pineapple with cardoman ice cream and Mango Kulfi. It really is the place to go to reintroduce yourself to Indian grub.


16 Albemarle St

London, W1S 4HW

Tel 0207629802


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