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Posted by , 15 March 2011

For meat lovers

For meat lovers


An old favourite with almost every man we know, Gaucho awakens just about every primal instinct in our bodies. The waiter told us his last customer had ordered 2 kilos of steak to impress his mates and it’s not suprising. You can cut the testosterone in there with a knife.  


The food is spectacularly good. It’s all about the steak. The starters pale in comparison to the juicy slabs of Argentinian meat paraded around the restaurant like mouth watering prize jewels.


You can have pretty much any cut of beef you like with a selection of simple sauces and the friendly staff are more than happy to indulge you in your meat fantasies. The decor is lovely with twinkly lights and pony skin to make you feel like a real cowboy. 

We ate so much we got the meat sweats and became one of those people that photograph their food.. look! 


The good news is they're all over the place with branches in London, Leeds, Manchester and even Beirut. Word of warning... wherever you are you'll need two bus seats home. 

25 Swallow Street,

London W1B 4QR

T 020 7734 4040

F 020 7734 1076

or Check out for menus and bookings. 


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