What has four legs, blonde hair and an awesome red cap? It’s only the Ting Tings. Here’s four reasons why their new video is awesome...

Katie’s cap is awesome


It has big eyes, sharp teeth and it’s bright red – anyone who doesn’t think this is the greatest cap of all time needs to have a word with themselves. IT’S A MONSTER.

There’s a trainer showdown

The Ting Tings have a samurai showdown while wearing Converse and Adidas – it’s a war of trainers. We kind of had this discussion yesterday, which makes the whole thing feel a bit Derren Brown. We think Converse would win.

Skaters falling over = funny

They’ll no doubt get better if they keep trying, but the fact that none of the skaters in the video land a trick makes the whole thing funny in a completely different way. The Ting Ting’s aren’t just hanging out at a skate park, they’re hanging out at a skate park full of novices.

The Ting Ting’s now sound like the Beastie Boys

In the FHM office, everyone was thinking the same thing (besides how awesome Katie’s cap is) – this sounds a bit like Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys. Given that a lot of music has turned into synthy nightclub drivel, we’re welcoming the start of a Beastie Boys resurge.

What do you think of the song? Would Converse really beat Adidas in a fight? Does a better cap exist? Let us know your thoughts.