Do you like music that wriggles into your ear like a wave of awesomeness, flows down your arm and leaves you incessantly tapping the nearest available surface in rhythmic appreciation?

Do you like beautiful, mysterious songstress types with eyes like chocolate buttons?

Then the chances are you’ll also like Louisa Allen Rose, AKA Foxes.

Who is she?
Southampton’s 24-year-old indie-looking, electronica-belting hotty who spent 2013 hanging with musical big dogs Fall Out Boy, Sub Focus and Rudimental, renting her vocal strings to their records.

Who isn’t she?

Zooey Deschanel, who she gets mistaken for loads in the States. There’s worse people to get confused for.

Why should I care?
If you don’t want her as your girlfriend, you’ve probably got a crayon stuck up your nose. More importantly, she’ll step into the limelight all on her ownsome this year with an album, Glorious, out in March. It’ll be everywhere.

Why will I love her?

She once went on a joy-riding spree at a music festival with Pete Wentz, and between them they managed to pilfer (and dispose of) enough golf carts to get a lifetime ban at St Andrews.

How could you not love that? And 47 million YouTubers can’t be wrong, right? She collabed with Russian producer Zedd on his track Clarity. More than a million sales later, and she’s nailed her first Billboard Top 10 and taken home a lovely, shiny Grammy Award. Easy. Did we mention we’d like to ask her on a date?

Check out her latest tune below:

Check Foxes out here and follow her awesomeness on Instagram: @IAmFoxes