What did you never learn at school? Spanish? How to talk to girls? How to open a beer bottle with another beer bottle?

Whatever it may be, this month's FHM is here to school you like you've never been schooled before.

From adventures in lunch boxes to hangover-free beer to Lucy Meck doing the moonwalk in her undies - we've got every essential thing that men everywhere need to know about right now.

Now sit up and pay attention. Here's what's on the curriculum this month:

Would Wife: Denise

Forget photos of pets and baked bean brekkies - here's a very sexy reason to start using Instagram. Oh yes, it's former Midweek Hottie Denise Schaefer in her first ever FHM shoot. 

Denise Schaefer for FHM

48 Hours With Example

He can't sing, can't dance and isn't a looker. We hang out with the man himself to find out how he became a British superstar.

Example portrait for FHM feature

Inventions That Will Change Your Life

Hangover-free booze is one of the mind-bending inventions that'll change your world, from your sex lives to the way you dream.

FHM's hangover beer illustration for Inventions that will change your life

Packed-Lunch Porn

Screw the Meal Deal Zombies. We get the pros to show us how to prepare lunchtime-owning eats. 

FHM's adventures in packed lunches

School Skills For Adults

Sending flirty texts, making friends, skiving off, impressing girls…it's time to relearn all that got you through school - you even get to reclaim your wrestling toys.

retro wrestling toys for FHM's school feature

Fitness Myths, Busted

FHM investigates if a pint will ruin your hard work, if sit-ups give you abs and whether masturbating is the way to big guns. 

Nicole Neal for FHM's fitness myths feature

Lucy Mecklenburgh

If you haven't seen the behind the scenes video yet, you absolutely need to stop what you're doing right now. We made this GIF for all to enjoy.

Lucy Mecklenburgh doing the moonwalk in October FHM 2013

And you know what's even better? This month, you get two mags for the price of one. Head over here for what's happening in your FREE FHM Collections A/W 2013 Style Manual.


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