Halle Berry, a teeny weeny bikini, some hungry Great White sharks and one massive shit-storm of deep-sea danger: four excellent reasons to be excited about the release of ocean-based thriller Dark Tide on Blu-Ray, DVD and download today.

Oh, you want to know a little bit more about the film? We were pretty sure that would be enough of a description, what with the sharks and Halle Berry and all.

Well, Oscar-winning hottie Halle marks her return to the world of Films You Might Actually Want To See – X-Men: The Last Stand came out way back in 2006 – in this suspenseful shark-filled flick.

She plays Kate, an experienced open water diver living with the psychological scars of a brutal shark attack, who gets talked into leading a dive with Great Whites in the world’s deadliest feeding ground: Shark Alley.

Oh yeah, without the use of a cage.

As you might expect, things take a turn for the deadly as a massive storm comes rolling in. The result: a chilling, suspenseful story of survival against all odds, and a ton of big, nasty, toothy sharks with a taste for Halle Berry’s oh-so-tasty flesh. 

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