We’re definitely not mummy's boys. Sure, we may occasionally take a bag of dirty laundry back home and sure our fridge consists of Tupperware boxes of home-cooked treats. And yeah, sometimes, when we go to bed, we like to call home and get Mum to riff a few lines of Where The Wild Things Are. But mummy’s boys? No.

But according to new film Mother’s Day, 'mummy’s boy' doesn’t translate to 'loser', it actually means 'homicidal, mother-loving maniac'. A word of warning: if supermodel-turned-actress Jaime King calls up you all excited and invites you over to her new pad, just remember, it might once have belonged to three very angry gentlemen who are most definitely mum-obsessed. And they're probably going to get their mum over to deliver some violent retribution.

A remake of the very twisted and very excellent 1980 Charles Kaufman film of the same name, 2011’s Mother’s Day does an excellent line in home-invasion claustrophobia. It features a group of friends held hostage after three bank-robbing brothers seeking refuge show up at what used to be their family home, only to find it’s been repossessed.

The film starts off with the brothers delivering a few friendly what-the-hell-are-you-guys-doing-in-our-house punches to Jaime King and friends. However it soon gives way to what becomes a long night of psychological terror, orchestrated by the brothers' sadistic mother. And, as so often happens, it’s not long before the friends are turning on each other in a bid to survive.

Mother's Day is in cinemas from June 10