Those pesky Hitlerphiles have a, um, Nazi habit of cropping up in some pretty peculiar places. You’d think that what with their losing the war and being international hate figures and all, they might try to keep a low profile.

But that’s not really their style. They’re all about world domination, and they’ll go to all sorts of lengths to achieve it, whether it’s opening lost Arks, or searching for ancient Mayan skulls, or as in new sci-fi comedy Iron Sky, establishing a base on the Moon.

A secret Nazi fortress, on the Moon

That’s right, someone has actually made a film about Nazis, on the Moon. It has finally happened. Western culture has peaked.

The premise is fairly simple: having fled Earth in the final moments of World War II, a group of über-Nazis establishes a secret lunar base on the Dark Side of the Moon from which they re-build their civilization – aka, the Fourth Reich.

A sexy Nazi lady, on the Moon

But when an American lunar module lands a little too close to the top secret swastika-shaped base, the Moon Führer decides the time has come to launch an invasion of Earth, and sends the Nazi UFO armada to strike an unsuspecting world.

A flying Nazi armada, no longer on the Moon

What ensues is a slapstick romp, full of space ships, crude jokes, a touch of political satire and a scheisse-load of Nazis.

From Finnish director Timo Vuorensola (who is also the lead singer of industrial metal band Älymystö, as if to prove his Finnish credentials), Iron Sky is a German-Australian-Finnish co-production mostly in English.

Which is handy, because Zie Germans aren’t excatly known for having a sparkling sense of humour. But fear not, because as you’d hope from a movie about Nazis on the Moon, Iron Sky is heavy on the LOLs.

Iron Sky is released theatrically on Wednesday May 23 and is out on DVD, Download and on-demand on Monday May 28.