Hope Dworaczyk needs no introduction. So, instead of an introduction, take a few moments to look above and admire her pretty face. Done?

Did you know that Hope likes old movies, Jacuzzis, can’t cook and has an equal opportunities policy with guys (yes, really). HOW DO WE KNOW ALL THIS?

Why it’s simple, we interviewed her...in more detail this time. And now YOU get to find out. See how much FHM loves you?

How’s life at the top of model land?
Life is great, I've been working as a model for 10 years, so it's just the travelling and working and I'm really thankful for it all.

Cool. How do you deal with all the attention from the press and men?

I think I get attention more online, but not really in person. When I’m at home or I’m in Los Angeles travelling, I'm not out and about. I don't go out, I don't go clubbing, I just visit certain areas of town.

I'm not someone that’s constantly trying to be photographed or adored. There’s like a wall between who I am, and who I am really.

Hope Dworaczyk in a white shirt leaning on a wall in the sunshine.
This is a picture of Hope standing next to a wall

So what’s the difference between the public and the private you?
Well if I guess you were at my house visiting for a get together, for one I wouldn't be walking around topless, whereas in my work you've seen me topless. You know what I mean?

What was your experience on The Celebrity Apprentice like?
It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I kept going behind the cameras and asking for help and they were like “No, you have to figure it out on your own!” But it was a great experience working with Trump; you get to work a lot more closely with him and see how he is when you are shooting and when you aren’t.

Would I do it again? No. Would I get a friend to do it? Yes!

So what’s The Donald like when all the TV cameras are pointing elsewhere?
I think that he's definitely a lot less scary. He can joke, he's still gonna be front and centre of any conversation, but he's a lot nicer than you'd think from watching him on the show.

Donald Trump and two models
Not actually scary

OK - time for a crazy question. ARE YOU READY?

So the queen of England has decided to stop at your house for tea, what meal do you cook her?
Oh my god, I’m an awful cook! You know I get food delivered to my house every morning from a chef, it’s called the fresh diet, and so i would probably pull out one of my meals that come in the morning and warm it up for her. I don't really know what I’d cook! It's really scary; maybe I'd give her a fruit plate?

After a hard day's work, how do you most like to unwind?
I would go home, have a couple of friends over, open up some wine, sit outside by the pool as the sun starts to go down, and would probably start heating up the jacuzzi, then get the jacuzzi on and just laugh and talk with some of my girlfriends.

There's a lot to be said for jacuzzis and wine!
You forgot the pool!

Oops, sorry. So what would your ideal man be like?
My friend once told me that I’m an "equal opportunity dater". Meaning that none of the men that I have dated have ever been alike in any sort of way. Whether it’s their jobs, what they look like, where they come from, so really I cant even tell you!

I’m 5'10" and I love high heels, so obviously you'll have to be like 6'0" or taller, because I really won't give up the high heels. But I’m still equal opportunities.

The readers will love to hear that!
*Laughs* Yeah, I guess it's personality based. I just want things to be very honest, to never be judged, and I want to be able to laugh. That’s it. And be able to be friends.

Hope Dworaczyk standing by a beach in a colourful shirt
Oh look, a beach!

What’s in your DVD player right now?
This is so funny, I just watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

You're a fan of older films?
Yeah, but its something that I’m just getting into. I never really watched older films before but now I've realised how great they really are. There’s so many classic quotes and one liners or songs that come from them, and I never knew this till I started watching them.

So what will you watch next?
My girlfriend told me to watch Giant with Elizabeth Taylor, but I don't know what I’ll watch really.

OK, who's your favourite musician and why?
I’d probably say van Morrison. I love Bob Dylan. I love older music. I have the new stuff too, but the stuff - like older rock - I like that.

Any new acts you follow and recommend?

You know what? I like such a huge array of music, I love Jill Scott, and going through my iPod right now, Drake and Nicky Minaj. Such a big array of artists, it doesn't boil down to one kind. But I'm looking forward to Jay Z and Kanye working together!

If you were sent to a desert island on your own, what three things would you take?
Does it have to fit in a certain box or can it be anything?

I’d bring a shower... my cellphone… Am I on the island alone?

'fraid so.
Err... damn that’s hard! I’d shower and video chat my friends with my cell. I guess mascara so that I’d look good when I’m on video chat.

Plus you'll look good when they rescue you...

If you were a musical instrument, what would you be and why?
I guess I’d be a guitar, because I think they get played the most and I like a lot of attention.

Closeup of guitar fretboard
If Hope were a guitar what kind would she be? A sexy guitar?

Good choice. You've done a lot with your life so far, what else have you got planned?
I have a few shows I'm working on now that I'm very excited about. One is animated, one’s a reality show. I know that a model's career doesn't last forever. Some choose just to be a model and then go to being an actress.

But I’ve been doing producing as well. I’ve produced Inside Fashion for three years, and now with the two new projects, there’s a whole ‘behind the camera’ thing. And I work with two acting coaches, one in New York and one in LA.

But right now it’s really about the creative process that goes on behind a show. When you watch something, all the things you don’t think about such as how it started, and dealing with the network and all that, that’s where I’m at right now.


What would you feed the queen of England?

Hmm.. We’d probably cook her a T-bone steak. We're not sure what the Queen eats and we're worried she might favour tiny, dainty portions, but we'll do our best.
Oh that's nice!

beef steak on grill