There's a reason why bodybuilders and general gym nuts get the nickname 'Meatheads'. They'll tell you that, in order to bulk up to their proportions, you always have to be thinking about your next meal of chicken and rice, chicken and rice, chicken and rice.

But what if you don't eat chicken? In fact, what if you don't eat any meat at all? Can you still bulk up like the meat-eaters?

The answer to that is yes, you can, and you don't have to live solely on protein shakes to achieve it. FHM caught up with British pop singer Charlie Brown, who has offered this advice for his fellow veggies.


Meat replacements like Quorn and quinoa are the main staples for my evening meal as well as beans and lentils, but now that I'm using the Maximuscle range of products I can top up my protein levels easily at regular intervals during the day.

I was concerned at first that I wouldn’t be able to follow the diet easily as a vegetarian, but I sat down with a nutritionist who educated me on higher protein foods and organised meals.


I use Maximuscle Cyclone for recovery of my muscles after a workout, have a protein milk drink at some point in the afternoon as a healthy snack and use Maximuscle Promax to help support lean muscle growth.


I have three meals a day and a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. One of those will be a protein milk and the other either houmous on wholemeal bread or a yoghurt that is high in protein.

Breakfast: I'll usually have two or three scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast, with no butter. I’ve had to give up butter since I started on my new fitness regime – I  really missed it at first but I guess I've got used to it now! If I’m in a rush, I'll go for some cereal and grab a protein milk so that I start the day with a good protein hit.

Lunch: I'll have something like brown pasta and usually throw in a load of vegetables with it. Beans are definitely a staple. I’m also really careful with my salt these days and try to leave the natural salts to do their job rather than throw in a load more.

Dinner: My typical evening meal is usually a sweet potato with a mixed bean and lentil casserole with some tomatoes and lots of herbs to add flavour. But you can mix it up with  homemade veggie burgers, Quorn sausages or Quorn chicken with brown rice or sweet potatoes.

With my fitness regime, I’ve had to increase my calorie intake to 3,000 to put on a bit of weight but it's important to only eat lean protein, so you avoid putting on too much fat.


I train between four and five times a week. I do a lot of resistance training and I finish every workout with interval sprints and a good warm down. I'm going to start mixing up my training with a bit of boxing because that's a great workout.

Charlie Brown uses Maximuscle protein products, which provide him with the nutrition he needs to keep fit, healthy and lean. For more information on how Charlie has been working with Maximuscle, head over here.