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How to cook Nando's chicken

How to cook Nando's chicken

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Chicken, the go-to meat for the everyman. It's simple, it's delicious and it's very easy to pimp the 'cluck' out of it.

Here's DJ BBQ's guide to going full Nando's with your chicken wings and having everyone raving about your grub afterwards without stressing out over the BBQ or forking out on a takeway....


The chicken

You’ll never see a grill pro cooking chicken legs – they cook the whole damn chicken. Here’s three ways of grilling the entire little clucker, no matter how skilled you are...

Start simple
When you spatchcock, or butterfly, a chicken, you’re doing two things: cutting the cooking time and getting more flavour in there. It’s what Nando’s does, and Nando’s is boss!

The best thing I’ve done to a spatchcock is simple: olive oil, garlic, chilli and rosemary it. Cook and eat when the juices run clear, and boom! Easy, fast, and delicious.

Next level
Go a little more exotic by marinating it in fresh coriander, orange juice, lemon and garlic. That’s called gremolata and it tastes a bit more unusual than the norm.

Big chicken calls for big action. Keep your bird whole and bung a 12oz can of cheap beer up its ass. Pour out 2/3 of the can first, and cover the bird in oil, Maldon salt and cracked black pepper. It’ll take about an hour and 45 to cook but damn, it’s one sexy beast.

The salsa

This is Pico De Gallo salsa, one of my favourite flavours in the world, and it’s impossible to get wrong. It'll also take you about 90seconds to get ready which is awesome.

All you gotta do is chop up plum tomatoes, finely chop red onions and fresh coriander, and add a dash of lime and some salt. That’s it!

The sauce

Whether those tears streaming down your face are from pain or joy, there’s a spicy bottle ready to hot up your food. Here are the bestt:

Chipotle Tabasco
It’s not too spicy with a smoky, vinegar tang. It goes great with omelettes, too.

This is my favourite. It’s a dark one, but it’s got lime in there that sets it apart from the rest. It just cuts through the heat amazingly.

Psycho Juice
I’m actually afraid of this. They had it at Grillstock [the BBQ festival], and people had to leave. It’sgreat, but be very careful with it.

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