Battle the onset of long cold nights with our beer, bourbon and beefy one-pot creation...


Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 3 hours minimum


1.5 kg chunks of beef shin
4 rashers of streaky bacon
2-3 onions
3 cloves of garlic
Seasoned flour
One bottle of good beer
A glug of bourbon
120ml chicken stock
1 tbs tomato puree
1 bay leaf
10 juniper berries
3 carrots
2 parsnips
1 swede
15 button mushrooms

Serves 6

Step 1: Fry your bacon and dust your beefy chunks

Cut up your bacon into thumb-sized strips and fry off in a large pot with a little oil.  “Always go for smoked bacon,” says Ed , top dog at London’s Randall & Aubin restaurant. “In particular, smoked streaky bacon makesr a good British stew.”

While that’s browning, toss your beef chunks in seasoned flour. This’ll help thicken up your stew. “Shin of beef is absolutely fantastic and full of flavour. Topside or feather blade are equally as good,” says Ed. Once the bacon is at that perfect bacon sandwich-level of crispy, add the beef and fry for five minutes.

Step 2: Don’t ignore your brown bits and add your boozes

Add the chopped onion and garlic to the pan, too. You’ll notice a sticky brown mess at the bottom of your pan that will be a nightmare to scrub off.But don’t fear: this stuff is the business.

“This is the caramelisation of all the protein and flour, and it’d be a crime not to mix this into the liquor when it’s been added,” explains Ed. Better add it to the liquor, then.

Chuck in your bourbon, stir for a bit then add the stock and beer. (Ed recommends Southern Comfort and a Shepherd Neame Spitfire).

Step 3: Wait a bit, wait a bit more, add the rest, wait some more

Put in your bay leaf, juniper berries and tomato paste and leave for two hours with a lid partially covering the pot. It’s pretty agonising how long you have to wait, but all the pacing up and down the kitchen will let you build up a good appetite.

When your two hours are up, chuck in your chunks of veg and return to the heat for one more hour, or until the veg is tender.

Once that wait is over, Ed recommends “dolloping it all over a baked potato and serving with boiled peas. Don’t add the peas to the stew because they’d disintegrate and smell like farts”. Fine advice, that.