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Posted by , 01 May 2014

Make triple threat super sliders

Make triple threat super sliders

“I love eating cute animals. In fact, I love eating them just as much as I love eating their grown-up parents. And now that we’re in spring, it’s time to chow down on some delicious lamb. But lamb from the gods of Planet Burgertron, obviously.

“The big trend in burgers right now is sliders. What’s a slider? It’s a bite-sized burger small enough to slide down the back of your throat. You’re meant to knock back about three or four in one sitting. Cute, right? I’m all for sliders – the more meat on the menu the better. But I’m not cool with tiny little delicate things. Nah, man. I want super sliders. Big, giant hunks of burger. Not the little finger food you get at your nana’s birthday party. To hell with that. Big burgers, big flavours, big fist bump from your bros, dude! Here is the three ways I’d do them, but if you think you got the cojones to trump my toppings, let me see ’em on Instagram with the hashtag #FHMManFood.”


Preparation time
10 mins

Sea salt
Cracked black pepper
500g minced lamb
Medium chilli powder
Blue cheese
Brown sugar


First, add some salt and pepper to your minced lamb. “I don’t add nothing else to my meat before I start the cooking,” says DJ BBQ. “No breadcrumbs, no onions, no nothing. Burgers are all about the meatyness – there’s no need to get fancy with them.” Then shape your meat into palm-sized patties. “Caress them – don’t pack them down,” says the DJ.


Next up, add the burgers to a medium hot pan, with zero oil. “There’s enough fat in the mince already,” DJ BBQ explains. Cook until medium, turning them over every 6-8 minutes. To fry them like the Americans do, place a metal bowl over each patty to ensure they cook through evenly.


Now for the toppings. On the first, add sliced avocado with a squirt of lime and a sprinkle of chilli powder. On your next patty, crumble blue cheese and cover it with the bowl to melt it. Finally, go Moroccan by covering your patty with cumin, brown sugar, cinnamon and chilli powder and return to the pan for a minute on each side, then cover it with a spoon of yogurt and chopped mint.

What shall I drink with it?

I Heart Wines take the complications out of buying wine. I Heart Merlot will be great with these lamb sliders – the upfront black fruit flavours of the Merlot will complement the lamb nicely, with a touch of spice at the end to work really well with the Moroccan burger in particular. Check out for more information, and look out for the new I Heart Brasil Sparkling Moscato, now on shelves in Tesco. It’s the perfect fizz for the summer ahead. 



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