Summer is pretty much done and dusted, leaving us in the awkward weather period where one minute it’s hailing like the apocalypse and the next second it’s hotter than a chilli to the eyeball. Here’s how to stay one step ahead of mother nature…

01  Cumulonimbus clouds

A huge, towering, fluffy anvil-shaped cloud is a sure sign of a storm. Denser than Joey Essex and containing a ton of moisture, see this and you’ll defo need your coat.

Accuracy rating: 99%


02  Dry grass

Dewy grass in the morning means it’s been a clear night and most likely a clear day. Dry grass suggests a cloudy sky, indicating rain.

Accuracy rating: 50%

03  Freaky frog

Frogs come out and gather in larger numbers as rain approaches, excited by the period of high humidity.

Accuracy rating: 70%

04  Fish jump

When fish jump after juicy flies, it’s often because there’s less atmospheric pressure and it's therefore more likely to rain.

Accuracy rating: 30%

05  Sitting cows

The moo cows apparently hit the ground in times of rain, to keep their spot dry. But science says this old wives’ tale is complete cow shit.

Accuracy rating: 0%

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