This weekend Jonathan Trott left the England Ashes team due to an ongoing battle with a stress-related illness, having been disrespectfully called into question by Aussie opener David Warner.

Whether or not Warner's childish comments affected Jonathan Trott's decision to leave the team early we're not sure, but it definitely highlights that there's a right and wrong way to go about "sledging" your opponent in cricket.

England's lightening bowler Jimmy Anderson explains the right way to do it, without reducing yourself to underhand tactics like slagging someone off in the media. Here are his top tips to psyching someone out like an absolute pro...

Have a good death stare

“If a guy stares at you, stare back at him. When we played Australia in 2010, [batsman] Shane Watson tried to stare me out. I didn’t want to break eye contact with him so I walked backwards all the way to my mark. Then, when Alastair Cook threw me the ball, I just caught it without even turning my head. It was a lucky catch but it felt good. I got Shane out not long after.”

Say the right thing to the right person

“You don’t want to sledge a batsman who thrives off it. Some absolutely love the banter and play better when you wind them up. But some can fall apart if you get to them in the right way. If the guy looks a bit chubby, I’ll ask him how many steaks he’s had for dinner. If you see you’ve riled him, keep pushing that button.”

Maintain a firm poker face

“You need to be deadpan the whole time. If you’re worried, don’t show it. Don’t even laugh. You mustn’t show the batsman anything that might give him confidence. If you show you’re rattled, he’s already won.”

Gang up on a batsman with your teammates

“You don’t always have to speak directly to a batsman to break his nerve. A good tactic is to talk about him with your own players loudly, and near enough so he can hear you. We often slate a batsman’s technique, especially if he’s starting to make mistakes. You’d be surprised how well that works, even when it’s obvious you’re doing it just to psych him out.”

And here's what to do if you're getting sledged by the oponent:

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