Want to start your own business? Well, don't just sit there; follow the advice of the BrewDog guys and you too could be sticking it to the man on a daily basis...


Have faith
“Have complete faith in your vision and what you want to achieve. That has to stay with you at all times. As a small company you get so many knocks, so many kicks, that unless you have that 100% conviction, you'll get knocked down long before you get to do what it is you want to do.”

Don’t be afraid to fail
“We got so much bad advice when we started out. If you're going to fail, fail on your own terms as opposed to anyone else’s. It’s better to fail doing something noble than take advice from someone who doesn’t know what day of the week it is.”

Know your business

“In the first year, it was just us. We bottled the beer by hand, we slept in sacks on the floor, we drove the delivery van, we did the invoicing, we worked 20 hours each day, we had to move back in with our parents at the age of 25. There’s not a single thing in the company that we haven’t done.”

Try alternative ways to get funding
“Banks are not lending as much now. So if you need equipment, try asset finance, because you don’t need security on the loan. The security is the asset, and the rates are low. Also, look at rasing money through ‘crowd funding’, using websites like Kickstarter and Crowdcube. They’re great options.”